College-Work Bridging Program launch

We have a growing crisis: on the one hand we have college leavers who know little about the work environment and how to do the work and on the other we have companies and organisations which need to obtain self-starters, goal-getters ready to deliver results immediately. Increasingly, companies and organisations no longer have the ‘luxury’ of employing people who know little or nothing about the job and train them on the job – they now want someone who can quickly, without much investment, carry out important tasks without supervision and deliver results immediately.

Colleges and universities have realized this gap but do not have many options to ensure their graduates get the required experience. Many students are therefore left in limbo, and are sometimes forced to go on ‘irrelevant’ industrial attachment. It is common to find a student studying finance selling in a tuckshop, a student of marketing doing humanitarian food distribution, or so many other placements with little or no opportunity for applying concepts and skills acquired in the classroom. For many scholars, this is practically a lost year – and real learning, which happens in the real world, is consequently missed.

There are thousands of graduates released onto the labor market each year, and there are hundreds of thousands of experienced but unemployed or under-employed professionals already in that market, the economies are shrinking. We need new thinking, new business models. Our innovative program will not only give you significant leg-up on the competition but will propel you to provide solutions for our world’s crisis.

College-Work Bridging Program

The College-Work Bridging Program is a professional development program that was designed to help young college students and graduates who are forward-looking and have already made up their minds  on what career path to take. It brings this group into the direct pupilage of professional mentors, who will give them apprenticeship and learning opportunity and ready them for full-time work or entrepreneurship. It is a challenging and competitive work coaching program and demands (performance targets) are laid upon the participants, and performance is appraised to succeed.

The program is designed to groom pace-setters and leaders in the respective sectors, people who are innovators, who bring in new ideas and set a new tempo or standard of performance and quality in their chosen field. It also lays special focus on creating ‘disruptive’ innovations and business models.

This program is on a cost-recovery basis, in other words, participants or their sponsors contribute to the cost of professional career development, in the same manner students pay for classroom learning in the colleges and universities. It will cost each participant USD400 for an 8-10 month program, which is an intense work programme. No stipend will be paid.

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2015 College-Work Bridging Program

Work Disciplines Available for 2015

Under the College-Work Bridging program, we have the following disciplines or areas of development pre-selected for 2015. Colleges and universities are welcome to suggest and participate in tailor-making new programmes.

1. Social Work and Development Management

2. Humanitarian Work & Disaster Risk Management(DRM)

3. ICTs for Development – Social Media & Marketing

4. Innovative Fundraising – Resource Mobilisation & Fundraising

5. Peace-building, Conflict Transformation & Governance

6. Climate-smart Farming

We welcome your ideas, talk to us!

You may download the draft 2015 Generic Professional Development Schedule. Download

Applications for the 2015 program are now open, apply here.