Roster Plus


Roster Plus

Job Guarantee Scheme*

We are excited to call for applications for the Roster Plus programme starting with a Job Guarantee for 10% of enrollees.

We know you are dedicated to advancing your career and the Roster Plus programme is meant to help you succeed in getting hired. It encompasses a comprehensive humanitarian induction programme, a University certified standalone Humanitarian Work course and a comprehensive job coaching programme.

Enrol for the Roster Plus, be among the top 10% and earn a 6-month contract


:: No one else can do this for you ::

We are committed to your career, even if you are not part of the top 10% we will not rest until you are hired. You will receive exclusive support, mentoring and access to opportunities in the sector. All this at a subsidized cost of only USD680.

Apply for Roster Plus today!

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  • Academic Qualifications

  • Professional Experience

  • Motivation & CV