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We at Centre for Livelihoods & Humanitarian Support, through the AidworkersHub project, are committed to help colleges and universities give their graduates leg-up against the competition. We are pioneering new approaches and are committed to develop ‘disruptive’ innovations that leave competition in the dust, not just in aidwork but practically in any related sector. In order to survive, students/graduates need to be extremely innovative and creative.

Our point is, the time when a student would leave college armed with a degree only and no insight into the world of work is over. In addition to career bridging programmes, we are offering students an opportunity to obtain hands-on knowledge of professional tools and standards used daily in the sectors of their choice. When they leave college, they will already be equipped with skills required in the field of work, including certification to that effect. Compare that graduate with another from college D, your graduate is miles ahead.

Ordinarily, our courses are priced from USD400 per participant for 3-5 day sessions. We are offering a ‘disruptive’ program for 2015, to help a few colleges/universities who are willing to partner with us. In order to reduce the cost for students, a university must be prepared to offer training space and to coordinate the participation of their students. The viability and cost-effectiveness of this initiative depends on numbers and cost containment.

For each 3-day course offering, we will charge a special rate of USD120/participant for organised groups of at least 60 participants. The cost may be reduced slightly for larger groups. Students or recent graduates outside this organised arrangement can still participate and pay USD150/participant.

Below is a listing of courses currently available:

•        Sphere Standards in Humanitarian Response – Advanced Course

•        Applied Monitoring and Evaluation

•        Applied Project Design &Management

•        Logistics and Supply Chain Management

•        Advanced Course in Humanitarian Work

•        Disaster Risk Reduction

To register for the Special Student Professional Development programmes (short courses) scheduled for 2015, select the appropriate application form below.

Note that these courses are NOT academic courses organised by your university, they are short professional courses, typically 3-5 day courses, organised and run by Centre for Livelihoods & Humanitarian Support (a training and educational  trust registered in 2010), under the AidworkersHub project. All our trainers hold a minimum of a Masters degree and at least 5 years experience in the relevant sectors and are respected field practitioners and project managers.

Course fees are USD150 for individual participants ( fees may be different for organised groups, contact our admin or your department to check if there is a group fee for your university).


Application for Midlands State University (MSU) students

Application for Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) students.

Application for National University of Science & Technology (NUST) students.

Application for University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students.

Application for all other students (Harare-based)


If you have already applied and have been accepted, please proceed to make your payment here.