Standby Roster

standby-rosterAidworkersHub Standby Roster provides an opportunity for aspiring aidworkers and other technical people (accountants, engineers, doctors, you name it!) to prepare for field experience and  to apply their skills in emergencies anywhere in the world, on short notice. Humanitarian crises often give no notice, although there may be early warning signs for many of them.

It is important to have a critical mass of trained (as opposed to ‘educated’) personnel that can be relied upon to be deployed rapidly with the assurance that these are aidworkers properly trained to deliver assistance to international standards. They are aid personnel grounded in quality and accountability tools, with various competencies and are motivated to serve.

Standby Roster Application Form

  • Note: AidworkersHub registers aspiring aidworkers into its Standby Roster on a rolling basis. Application to register is FREE. Once you are accepted, you will be entitled to receive free job announcements from AidworkersHub and other international aid agencies, news on aid and aid work and to participate in our induction programmes (at discounted rates), field preparation and other key aid work training courses and forums.
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